Sunday, September 18, 2011

Last Supper

Last Supper

I found Jesus
in a corner
on a crooked wall
beside a locked door.
That is not to say
I hadn't found him before;
you know,
He's everywhere:
in every room
on every floor
in gilded glory,

but finding Him
in watery benediction
for friends and betrayers
like me,
stopped my feet
and caught my breath
and turned me sideways
as the wall
on which he hangs.

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  1. Love this...there is more truth here about who and what Jesus is and has become to people than you may realize.

  2. Knock and it shall be opened for you, but you know that. :)

    "The wall on which He hangs" - powerful!

  3. TWM - Yeah, I think I know. :-(

    Gnome - Thanks! I do know.

    Titus - Thank you.