Friday, August 5, 2011


The Poetry Jam challenge is to write an elegy. This doesn't fit the bill, but it is about death, and I already had it in the works. Go to the Jam (click on the pic on my sidebar) and read more. For that matter, look below this poem for another about death. Cheerful, aren't I?

When I burn low--
Cooling off with age
So that the fires of life
Are full too strong to be,

When I am bent --
Drawn unto the earth
So that the narrow bed
Is all the world I see,

When I dissolve --
Sift away through time
So nothing else is left
Except what's best of me,

When I am loosed --
Clay begun to shed
So I am but a mark
In someone's memory,

Then let me sail alone,
Untethered by regret
Burning in the night,
Grateful to be free.


  1. when i go that is the way i would love for it to be...a pyre on a ship...personally i think it very cool...that last stanza is quite empowering...

  2. I coould go and be forgotten for I will no longer have weight or impact and nothing to wonder over when the winds of time may cover any footprints left upon these desert sands.

  3. This feels immense ... and quite wonderful!!

  4. You are such a good writer. I like the idea of death being a freedom from a new narrow life...

  5. You're on a roll, Karen! Steeped in timelessness... What are you doing? that antiquity pulls on you? Your command of lyricism shines.

  6. Very powerful and I love the way you draw in to the last stanza, such a strong way to end this poem.