Monday, December 19, 2011

Old Wives Tales

photo - Lee Frielander

Mag 96
This little verse is a response to the Magpie Tales photo prompt at left. Frielander often uses shadow in his photographs. Join Tess Kincaid's other magpies here.

Old Wives

Apple peels and Letters
Teaspoons in a cup
Sleep atop a wedding cake
Count the buttons up
Rich man poor man beggar
Time, he is a thief,
Shadows to remind me
How futile to believe


  1. I can't point to a particular reason why, but this one charmed me utterly. Sounds like a skipping-rope-rhyme or a bedtime prayer or something, but rather pensive in tone. Love it.

  2. Well done. One can imagine the subject of the photograph trading Old Wives tales with a neighbour.

  3. Count the buttons up! great ! thanks-

  4. "Old wives tale"....this is brilliant! :-)