Monday, December 12, 2011

Truth is No Stranger

Truth is No Stranger


Stranded on the shore
of a world she never knew,
longing like a lover for a sail.


The seduction of solitude
the final lover stretches calm
across the Gulf.


The water, finally,
the water fills her
like no lover ever could.

Magpie Tale


  1. three different reactions- very true, thanks!

  2. I love this ... hints of Jane Austen and her Emma, Edna Ferber and Virginia Woolf.

  3. Wonderful! I confess that the Edna one was lost on me... still, the very different approaches to this were well-angled.

  4. longing like a lover for a that...and love the refs through out...

  5. Everyone - When I saw the prompt, I had just read this quote from Madame Bovary: "Deep down in her heart, she was waiting and waiting for something to happen. Like a shipwrecked mariner, she gazed out wistfully over the wide solitude of her life, if so be she might catch the white gleam of a sail away on the dim horizon."

    That led to thoughts of Edna (Pontellier, from Kate Chopin's The Awakening) and other literary figures who chose the sea -- as did Edna and Virginia Woolfe. Hence the title of the poem, a play on the old sayong "Truth is stranger than fiction." in the case of V. Woolfe, not necessarily. She chose the sea.

  6. Please forgive typos. These on-screen keypads are beyond my dexterity.

  7. This is beautiful - and although the last verse is fabulous, it chills me to the bone.