Sunday, January 13, 2013


I have carved you on my palm,
Burned you on my breast,
Crossed my heart with golden crosses,
Carved you deep into my palm.
I bleed to bear your losses,
Shed my skin for all the rest,
I have carved my palm with you, love,
I have burned you on my breast.


  1. if anything to mark yourself would be the thing...nice intensity to this...

  2. The repetition works so well with your theme and gentle expression of an abiding love.

  3. This poem needs reading out loud (and by YOU would be REALLY cool!) - it's got such a lovely rhythm to it.

    And I recognize that scenario quite well - there's definitely pain and joy in love.

  4. This has so much passion ~ Love this ~

  5. The altered repetition is an excellent device in a piece this brief. Without those slight changes, the phrase may have felt cumbersome. In this way, you lightened and accented ideally.

  6. ...and anything less than that, well, it isn't love as i understand it. Another really excellent poem by you.