Sunday, February 3, 2013

Paradise is One

Paradise is One

Let's come back the Keys,
Walk daily Gulf to sea,
Pet the cats in Papa's garden,
Chase the chicks in Truman's yard.
Let's snorkle reefs of coral
With fishes blue and yellow,
Hitch rides on mossy turtles,
Find Neptune's trident there.
You'll promise me by moonlight;
I'll promise you the sunshine.
We'll build a little cabin
Called Paradise is One.


  1. Wonderfully vivid in the way it draws the reader deep into its warmth. Love it.

  2. paradise sounds rather beautiful from your point of view...smiles...

  3. Very cool images and actions and promises with the universe as witness! No wonder my brother just did his 20th anniversary there.
    PS: Great Mary Oliver quote on your sidebar.

    1. This was an anniversary trip for us, too, Susan, and our first time in the Keys.