Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How the Peacock Got His Tail or The Night Has a Hundred Eyes, a Hundred Eyes, but None Do See

In mythology, the story of Zeus, Hera, Io, and Argus is a tale of lust, trickery, death, and honor.  In brief, jealous Hera turned Zeus's lover Io into a white heifer and set the hundred-eyed watchman Argus to guard her. Hermes, a god known for trickery, lulled Argus to sleep by playing music on a reed and by telling monotonous tales. Zeus was able to recover Io, and Hera placed a hundred eyes in the tail of her favorite bird in tribute to Argus.

This tale of the tail is written for the April 1 d'Verse prompt to write about an animal. That's my recently created artwork up there, so I have peacocks on my mind (obviously). Why? I don't know. Why not?

How the Peacock Got His Tail
the night has a hundred eyes, a hundred eyes, but none do see

One hundred eyes to guard the prize,
But every eye did close.

As Argus fell to Hermes' spell
That lulled him to repose;

And Zeus did laugh to take the calf,
Sweet Io, from his queen;

The watchman gave his life to save
Hera's pride supreme.

And Hera, moved by gratitude,
Although the fight she lost,

Placed the eyes to memorialize
Poor Argus and the cost.

The peacock's fan, to modern man,
A thing of rare beauty;

In ancient days, a tribute made
To eyes that no more see.


  1. Very nice. I am impressed with your art work. And I too believe that the peacock's fan is of rare beauty!

  2. I love the myth inspired poem ~ I was tempted to use the peacock for my poem but couldn't find a theme for it ~ Those eyes, great metaphor here & such a great creative title ~

  3. intriguing legend behind the eyes on the peacock feathers....they are very beautiful...
    the eyes that no more see makes it feel rather haunting as well..

  4. i have to read some of the greek myths again... they knew how to tell a story... very cool artwork and i like how you weave the story into poetry

  5. Great drawing - and nice use of mythology (my husband is Greek, you know, so we talk about these things a lot with our children). I love the way you modified the Bobby Vee song (the night has a thousand eyes and a thousand eyes can't help but see...) and made a really memorable verse with it.

  6. loving this one and the greek theme...thankyou!

  7. I really love how your starting point for the poem.. retelling them in poetic forms.. you follow in the footsteps of the old masters in this way... The complete picture of art and poetry is a piece of art.

  8. I love the way the Greeks looked at things - nicely done

  9. what a great tribute to the peacock, its tail and mythology. your artwork is perfect for such a poem too. great work all round. have a great night~

  10. I didn't know you drew too! So creative... Love the poem & the drawing.