Wednesday, April 23, 2014

One More Day

Blue as the sea, Sierra Madres rim Bandaras, bay of flags. 
Mist bruises the mountains not yet burned by sun.
Time for us to go, even though the colors hold like glue; 
magnolias and wild flowers beckon.
One more day, you sing. 
One day more I sing in chorus.
In days, the sea will be a spectre,
pirated colored glass the only reminder of paradise,
fossil, flesh, and sand.


  1. Oh wow, I heart your work. It's lovely how the words rinse their effect under your hands, Karen.

  2. This is just a lovely use of the words. Bravo

  3. Sadly so, one day, one day so it will be. All fossil, flesh and sand Karen.

  4. That feeling of having to leave such a lovely spot as holidays have captured them so well.