Thursday, April 3, 2014

What the Net Holds

“the tongues of dying men / 
enforce attention like deep harmony.”
                                                                   —W. S. Shakespeare

One final time, we wait 
for you to speak the truth 
we know you knew.
Your dry tongue clicks,
lips like gaping fish.
Not air you strain
from or to, but the wish 
to speak of beauty, harmony, 
and truth. Too late.
We come too late in the day
for you to say, and yet we stay
suspended in the possibility
that the air we breathe
has molecules of you
dissolved and thrown 
against the deeply mortal reef.
When finally we leave,
our nets are filled, heavy with
the poetry we seek.


  1. Sometimes we never know the truth.

  2. that the molecules of the air we breath might hold a bit of you...
    oh i imagine that the nets might be quite full with poetry

  3. The quote and verses are heavy with emotional weight of death ~ I specially love the ending lines ~

  4. What a wonderful though, and what a beautiful way to describe it!

  5. You fully convey the yearning we feel when death is on the near horizon.

  6. oh how beautifully written... death of a loved one is always heavy on our hearts and yet we are always searching for the poetry of their lives and ours... hope all is well. have a great day~