Thursday, May 6, 2010

I want to be

The poetry bus is running on Monday, and I've decided to jump on early with this poem that accidentally fits Padhraig Nolan's prompt. We were to choose a particular picture (see here for directions) and write a poem to accompany it. This picture just fits my mood. I've been way too serious lately, so it's time to lighten up a bit!

I post this with apologies to all my trashy friends, but sometimes,

I want to be

one of those trashy girls

in the too tight jeans

and the too short tank tops

that I saw on the porch

of the biker bar

on Route 60.

I want to stand

with a beer in my hand.

I want my curls long and loose.

I want to wear high heeled shoes

or platforms.

I want my toes peeking out,

my nails painted blue.

I want a tatoo.

I want to go somewhere

with the wind in my hair.

I want to be full of sass.

I want to kick somebody's...


  1. Me too!

    Got my chance on Saturday night - going to see Alabama 3. Bring on that blue nail varnish!

    I refuse to accept I'm nearer 50 than 40...

  2. Hah, if you can be the girl, I can be the guy in front way proud with you at my back but knowing I may have to fight to keep you safe, and what if you decide you like him better anyway. Hoo!

    Things get complicated.

    I think I will write poetry instead.

  3. Hey, want to be me! Haha! At least I don't have the tramp stamp...yet. But come on down, and we'll hit the biker bars this weekend! I've got some low rider jeans and chunky funkies you can wear.

    Well, I'm always tickled to death when I come over and find a new Karen poem. I love all of your poems...somber, reflective, beautiful, serious, and fun. But this one is just what I needed on a Friday afternoon. WAY FUN! The last two lines are a fantastic ending. I'm always telling you how I love your soft, gorgeous voice...well, I also love this loud and sassy one.

    The details rock. The lines click just right. should send this out. It's fun, but it's way awesome. Viva la freedom!

  4. Aah, I love it, Karen! :) I was so disappointed when I learned those lower back tattoos were called 'tramp stamps' in some circles. So much for my plan to get a tattoo there; the derogatory name really spoils the fun.

  5. JoAnne - Go for it! You may need a cowboy hat to complete the image, though.

    Linda - Some of my poet friends have been posting readings of their work lately. Can't you just hear this in our accents? Trashy GRITS! (Girls Raised in the South) :-D

    Christopher - Yeah, metaphorical freedom is so much easier. Not nearly as much fun!

    Gerry - Thanks! Fun to write, too.

    Julie - As I've heard my whole life: Takes one to know one! Well, these girls, I know! If I were only your age, I'd put on those jeans, and away we'd go. Maybe I'll stuff myself into them anyway. Are you ready?

    Thanks for your encouragement, as always. Seriously.

    Rachel - Hey! Glad to see you. I missed the tatoo generation. Darn!

  6. Me too! You've convinced me that I need to rediscover my long-lost irresponsibility!

  7. You kicked ass with that closing, Karen.
    I believe every line of it.
    Do send it out. Julie's right.

  8. i found it funny :)
    part of 'growing up' shold involve getting used to the strangest ideas we have emerging in our brains.
    i have those too :)

  9. I love that that picture brought THAT poem :-) Good Time Girl!

  10. You just did!... :-D
    I wish i had the figure to be that girl...
    Love the easy sleaze of this!

  11. Don't we all want the chance to live in someone else's life for a moment. great poem
    thanks for sharing

  12. Loved it! (I bet she DID have those types of thoughts deep down too.) Excellent!!!

  13. This is great Karen, I want to be one too!

  14. Okay, Karen, just for you.... May I present, The Confederate Railroad singing, Trashy Women:

  15. Yeah, I want to be that girl, but I'm too striagh-laced and boring! Even with your tongue firmly in your cheek, you nailed the whole wanting to be someone else thing.

  16. It does sound damn fun!

  17. you should hook up with my pagan vicar! I really loved the 'painted blue, I want a tattoo part.' So likeably rebelious and childlike.

  18. Dave - I love the idea of your letting loose! Be sure to take us along on that ride!

    Rachel - Never too late, she echoes, as she laces up her old woman shoes and rolls her support hose down below her knees! He, he! ;-)

    Chris - Thanks! I wouldn't have any idea where to send this, so I send it to my readers here in Cyberspace!

    SzelsoFa - I'm beginning to think the ideas get stranger and stranger!

    watercats - Easy sleaze. I love the sound of that. Easy sleazy me-zy! I wanna be-zy!

    cfm - Yeah, just for a minute -- or a night ;-)

  19. Kat- Doesn't she look like she did? Don't we all?

    NanU - That'll be the day!

    Niamh - Maybe if we tried it together?

    Jeanne - I'm headed there right now! I keep thinking (speaking of Confederate), that I should read this in my thickest southern drawl.

    Argent - I am, too! You should see me. I composed this while wearing pantyhose and a business suit. It only gets worse - with a scarf! Ha! Really wild, huh?

    jason - Agreed. One hundred percent!

    Uiscebot - A pagan vicar? Now, that's intriguing!

  20. Can I come too?? I love this - it's sassy and and brilliant and fun. Really enjoyed it (and boy can I relate!)

  21. I want to be free

    full of glee.

    Good stuff!

  22. You just kicked some ass with that pome.Ya rebel ya!

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  24. Kicking someones ass ain't all it's thought to be...until you do it a couple of times. I stopped when I got my ankle stomped in a three on one. I didn't mind the broken ankle as much as I never got to swing on the third guy. That still bothers me to this day because I know if I could have stood up on my own I would have left his ass on the floor with his friends.

    Memory--it's a fine thing until you get to the part where you lost.

  25. Like it! It would make a good poster (or postcard) with the text on the picture.

  26. (That Dominic was me by the way! I signed in wrong...)

  27. This image is SO cute paired with your piece. I've got some blue nail polish. You bring the beer!

  28. GREAT!
    Go ahead!

    I loved it :)