Sunday, May 16, 2010

Who said that red is angry?


from loving

raw witness;

soft buds,

wide open

rosy mouths,

the world’s business

a ruby glow --

sticky sweet,

the bees are drunk

on cherries


  1. Oh my, and I thought I was the only one who read more into Georgia O'keefe's flowers....(I posted one about that, too!)
    I agree with you, drunk on cherries and a stamen in your pocket?

  2. Lovely poem, I love the bees being drunk on cherries.Intense rich and colourful.Fablo!

  3. The perfect spirit for a Monday. Thank you!

  4. A gorgeous accompaniment to this painting, which I've always loved for its layers and immersion.

    from loving
    raw witness

    This is an exquisite line that's left me a little lightheaded this morning, Karen!

  5. I drank this in with a wide open rosy mouth. It's a gray drizzling morning here, cold enough for my jacket, and your vibrant red work is welcome. Thank you for your remark on my poem, too.
    Cheers from Chris

  6. Karen I have seen drunk bees in a sugar plant where the liquid sugar leaks a bit out of valves in the open. They act like a swarm and then drink so much that they basically pass out. I am told they are safe to handle because they are too passive after gorging on sugar syrup like that.

    As for red in flowers - that is pure sex. Hooah!

  7. Beautiful! I love the image of flowers, and I adore the line "raw witness." It is a wonderful line, and it echoes so nicely in "the world's business," which is another great line. Nope...nothing angry here. Just pure sensual beauty.

  8. It has been more than a decade but I want to be a bee again. Everyday. You can make bourbon from cherry mash right?

  9. Lovely poem--I really like the slant rhyme between "witness" & "business"!

  10. exquisite writing Karen. the ending pulls this all together nicely. hope all is well.

  11. Dianne - I've always seen that side of Georgia! I can't look at her work and not see that. Maybe that says something about me! ;-) I'll have to see if I can find your poem.

    Teressa - Thanks! Love the Chocolate Chip Waffle!

    TFE - I'm so sorry to miss the bus. I absolutely could not do anything with the floor! That doesn't mean it won't come to me sometime. Thanks for commenting here, anyway!

    jason - Thanks! Glad to help any Monday!

    Sarah - Of course, can't hold a candle to your sensuality this week! I haven't the nerve!

    Chris - Glad to add a little heat to a gray, cool day!

    Christopher - I am picturing fat Disney-type bees lolling about, snoring it off. ZZZZZZZ The flowers? Agreed!

    Julie - Thank you! The business...yeah. ;-)

    TWM - One day at a time. Right? Day by day.

    John - Thank you!

    Naquillity - Thanks! Maybe you can capture some such with your camera.

  12. brown eyes-
    it read like a door opening and then a glow from within at just the right moment. the succinctness of the last line was wonderful! ~rick

  13. Rick - Can't say too much in response to that - just thanks! Heh!

  14. Beautifully done, and I like the choice of image. Thanks